The directors, officers, and key employees of this company are as follows:

Sideth Ung -- Founder, President, and CEO Sideth Ung, age 38 has over 15 years of experience in supply chain management while holding the following roles; Project Management, System Integration, IT Analyst, Supply Chain Logistics Analyst, Production/Inventory Control Manager and Business System Analyst. Mr. Ung is APICS Certified in Basics Supply Chain Management (APICS - The Association for Operations Management) and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing from Georgia State University.

Armando Durazo -- Secretary, VP and COO Armando Durazo, age 43, 25 years medical device engineering and manufacturing experience. Currently holds an Operations Engineering position with Johnson and Johnson Vistakon. Past companies are Novartis Ciba Vision, Bausch and Lomb Surgical Division and Optical Radiation Corp. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Automated Manufacturing Technology and an Associate degree in Electronics Engineering.

Arthur Royter -- Treasurer, VP and CFO Arthur Royter, age 37, has 12 years of experience in the hospital setting as a Certified Respiratory Therapist and 4 years hospital/clinic experience as a Licensed Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer. He also has experience with starting and operating a small business (Auto repair shop with emissions inspection station) and currently invests in the real estate market.

WHO we are

DiaperPods, LLC is an organization that was founded by a parent's need for a more convenient method of diaper disposal. The world is always looking for something simpler and convenient. We believe in providing a product that helps make choices in life easier. Our goal is to re-engineer and improve diaper products that can help consumers better manage diaper changing experiences in their day to day activity.

WHERE we are going

DiaperPods, LLC is going to diaper manufacturers around the world as advocates of parents, grandparents, and caregivers that desire and need the convenience of DiaperPods Technology. We want to work with any and all diaper manufacturers who are interested in providing added value to every day diaper product or obtaining a significant competitive edge over their competitors.


WHAT we do

DiaperPods, LLC provides added value to every day diaper product(s) through a revolutionary invention. We are a company, that challenges the "What if". We geared our creative business towards improving health and safety of the consumer.

DiaperPods, our premier patent protected invention is a system that improves the diaper changing experience of parents, seniors and caregivers everywhere by providing a more convenient, sanitary and odor containment disposal method.

HOW we are going to get there

DiaperPods, LLC is going to get there through the help of its supporters.

We will do whatever it takes to enable us to provide DiaperPods Technology to you.